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Lighting Controller Dimmer Pack Stage Power Distribution Box

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    • Midi Intelligent Lighting Controller

      Midi Intelligent Lighting Controller

      With Midi Socket, can make the library on the console
      DMX512 channels:1024
      Mating number of fixtures:96
      Fixtures re-connected with the address code:Support

    • Dmx 512 Lighting Controller

      Dmx 512 Lighting Controller

      DMX512 channels:512
      Repatch the address code:support

    • Shape Generator Lighting Controller

      Shape Generator Lighting Controller

      A shape is simply a sequence of values which can be applied to any attribute of a fixture. A “circle” shape, for example, applied to the pan and tilt attributes, would cause the fixture to move its beam around in a circular pattern. You can set the centre point of the circle, the size of the circle and the speed of the circle movement.