Daily maintenance of audio and light

- Jul 24, 2019-

The normality of the stage sound and light directly affects the performance of the performance, so both professional audio equipment and stage lighting equipment need to be maintained and maintained, and the faulty lines and equipment should be repaired in time to avoid unexpected situations.

Audio lighting equipment enclosure has a charging sequence

The order of the electrical inspection of the equipment casing is first to check whether the power supply line is damaged, and secondly, whether the line phase is correct, and then to know whether the equipment grounding and voltage are correct.

How to check for resonance and feedback in the sound field

If there is resonance and acoustic feedback in the professional audio equipment, first check whether the room frequency response has a peak, and also check whether the room structure and decoration are reasonable, it is best to check whether the crossover point and bass gain are reasonable. Whether the room reverberation time has been too long.

Inspection method for generating interference noise

If there is noise in professional audio equipment, first check the dimming interference, whether the audio and lighting power supply is disconnected, and then check whether the lighting power supply and control circuit are too close to the audio signal line, and there is no silicon box. The audio device is too close.

Under normal circumstances, there is noise in the speaker system, which is usually caused by the unreasonable transmission of the signal. Therefore, when there is a problem with the shielding of the signal line, or the grounding of the signal is not correct, noise interference is likely to occur. Happening.

Inspection sequence for insufficient sound of professional audio system

Under normal circumstances, if there is insufficient volume in the professional audio equipment, it is necessary to check whether the line level setting of the amplifier and the speaker is correct, and then understand whether the speaker cable connection is firm, and whether the phase of the amplifier and the speaker are consistent. Is the equalizer attenuation amplitude in the normal range? Is the control level of the compressor appropriate?

Light out of control inspection method

When the light is out of control, it is necessary to check whether the controller's program has any problems. Is there any problem with the address code of the lamp? Is the connection of the control line correct? There is also a need to check whether the control line is shielded or not, and the limit of the lamp is limited. Whether the adjustment is appropriate, etc.

Computer light bulb damage check

The most prone to the stage sound is the light bulb is easy to break, so if there is a problem, it is necessary to check whether the installed light bulb is secure, whether it is contaminated with dust and moisture, and whether it is to check whether the heat dissipation of the light bulb is in the normal range. Inside, it is best to check whether the voltage is within the normal range and whether the power switch is used too frequently.

Wireless microphones in professional audio equipment are unstable

If the wireless microphone is unstable, first check the cause of the unstable sound, which is caused by high frequency interference sources in the system, or the connection error of the antenna, the fine adjustment of the receiver, the battery power of the microphone, etc. Caused.

Video image inspection in audio and video systems

If the video image is not normal in the professional audio equipment, first check whether the program format is in the correct range, whether the device casing is charged or not, and secondly check whether the signal shielding is susceptible to high level interference. It is best to check if the projection tube is in the normal range, and there is no problem with the performance of the liquid crystal projection bulb. Stage lighting and sound equipment