Stage computer light mechanical system

- Aug 13, 2019-

Mechanical systems are available in a wide range of materials, structures, mechanical properties, housing requirements, heat dissipation requirements, and more. The main considerations for the selection of luminaire materials are: meeting the functional requirements of the lamp, ease of manufacture and economy. At present, the materials of international and domestic 1200W moving head lamps are mainly steel, plastic and aluminum alloy. Under the premise of satisfying the overall function of the lamp, the structural model of the lamp is designed, and different parts are used, and different materials are used. For example, CMT-1200W moving head light, the lamp body shell is made of plastic parts, the lamp body support frame, base, side plate and end plate are made of aluminum alloy castings, stamping parts and car parts.

The structure of the lamp determines its mechanical properties, heat dissipation, strength, noise, weight and other factors. The international and domestic 1200W moving head lights adopt double-arm support structure. The lamp body rotates horizontally by 540° and the vertical rotation reaches 255°. The base part must be strengthened to meet the requirements of hanging and flipping of the moving head light.

The mechanical properties of the lamp body are mainly reflected in the mechanical strength of the lamp body components, so that the lamp body does not deform, wear, corrosion, shock and pressure under the continuous effective working time; the lamp housing must have strict Waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, moisture-proof requirements. According to the degree of dustproof and waterproof, the protection level of different enclosures is required: for example, the protection level of computer lights used in indoors is usually IP20, and the protection level of outdoor computer lights is usually IP44.

The mechanical structure of the 1200W high-power computer lamp is very important. If the heat dissipation system is defective, it will cause the electrical parameters to drift, the color film, the film break, the plaque, the crash, the out of step, the uncontrollable and other serious consequences. .

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