The development trend of stage lighting

- Jul 29, 2019-

With the improvement of people's living standards, the development of the cultural and entertainment industry requires more and more high-level opera houses and stage construction. China's professional lighting market is already in a good period of development. From the application point of view, there are many art designs in China that have reached a high level, sufficient capital investment, large-scale engineering frequently appear in the domestic stage lighting market, and the ability to undertake projects for enterprises is higher.

In many large-scale exhibitions in China, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been attracted to participate, and many new equipments can be seen. Foreign brands are also eyeing the Chinese market. On the one hand, foreign markets are not as prosperous as they are supposed to be, and the demand for products is limited. On the other hand, China’s market demand is in a period of rapid rise, along with the government’s policy on cultural industries. Driven and capital support, the purchase of stage performing arts equipment continues to be strong. Therefore, a large number of foreign brands have poured into the Chinese market, and strive to share a piece of cake. At the same time, domestic companies have also emerged on the international booth, drawing on the successful experience of foreign excellent brands and continuously infiltrating into the international market through exhibitions.

The export situation of China's products has also started a new phase after the financial crisis. The rise in raw material prices has led to a 20% increase in manufacturing costs. However, in the case of a 20% increase in cost, it is difficult to achieve a 20% increase in product sales prices. The manufacturing cost advantage in China is no longer prominent. This has led many professional lighting export enterprises to export from developing countries to Europe, the United States and other developed countries; from high-intensive labor, low-profit production to independent intellectual property rights, high-tech, high value-added products. These changes have brought the company's production scale, process control, quality management and other enterprise management levels into a virtuous cycle of quantitative change to qualitative change.

With the continuous advancement of stage technology, lighting has become an important part of art. The superb lighting interpretation technology can bring more shocking visual impact effects. The stage lighting design is better integrated with art while absorbing new technology. However, most domestic professional lighting manufacturers rely on OEM development. Compared with the rapid development of lighting technology, the development speed is far behind.

Because the professional lighting does not have too high-end technology, the technical barriers are low, and it can be installed according to the different requirements of customers. There is not much distance between the domestic manufacturers' product technologies. Nowadays, this has become the biggest bottleneck faced by professional lighting companies. The research and development capabilities and innovation awareness of products have a big gap with the high-end technology of stage lighting.