4096 Channels Console

4096 Channels Console

4096 channels
Powerfu operating system
I5 CPU, 128G SSD
Multi-language built-in, Chinese Menu Support
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Product Details

TOUCH 4096+

Technical Characteristics

I5 CPU, 128G SSD

Multi-language built-in, Chinese Menu Support

15.4”touch screen built-in, Also expend a touch screen

8/12 DMX output, 4096/6144 channels

Artnet Support, Expend to 64 DMX output

10 Marco Button can edit anyone chas

20 Playback fader, 1000 virtual replay support

Powerful CMY palette features

Support for graffiti style handwriting name functioning

CITP protocol Supports, preview server or digital light of the built-in palette

Thousands of library and Library editing software built-in

Built in Visualiser visual simulation software, video support

MIDI Time control

Player time code built-in, to be easily edited by lighting show

Built in Pixel mapping and graphics generator

Power protector built-in, to make the system damage or chase lost when the power is cut down, still can running for 15 minutes.

Powerful Titan system is more humane, more refined, more abundant, more abundant, more convenient to you in the light operation than classic pearl system, the operation style and layout, increase the function of the fine selection, and remove the part of the less common and not practical operation. After the console upgrade, so that the lighting division in the use of a fast on the basis of the operation of the Pearl.

Sessions TitanNet (TitanNet system process control) online function. If multiple Titan control units are connected to the same network, and both V8.0 Titan, you can set up any console to become Multi-user (multi user), backup (backup), or backup & multiple users

The global palette. A new model of material, called "global material", is applied to all the fixture in the show. This material can also be used directly in the absence of a light source (equivalent to fast palette).

More Function 

1, Keyframe effects

2, The color model optimization

3, Automatically loads the contents of time options

4, Sound trigger

5, Information filtering

6, Page mode play areas

7, Timed go on Cue

8, Cue list playback viewing window

9, Lamps aligned

10, Random order selected fixture

11, Address lines and memory saved after Park lights

12, Lamp exchange optimization

13, Breaking the pixel mapping effects

14, Pixel mapping to optimize the layout editor

15, Fast automatic naming pattern established CUE LIST

16, The key to set a new pattern

17, The release mode

18, Built-in effects synchronized

19, SACN merger

20, The new time representation format

21, The playback program user code

22, MIDI SHOW control

23, Touch trackball settings

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