2019 Guangzhou Celebration Of National Day Lights Show Time And Place

- Oct 05, 2019-

2019 Haizhu square celebrates the 70th anniversary lighting show in New China.

Time: 8 p.m. from September 28 to October 7

Location: 24 monuments of buildings, squares and squares on the north shore of the Pearl River.

Recommended locations: the bridge on the South Bank of the Pearl River, the haizhu square  and the Pearl River night tour.

On the evening of 24, the monument to the 24 buildings, towers and squares on the north shore of the Pearl River... "I love you China" to celebrate the founding of new China, the 70th anniversary light show is finally showing its true colors. More lighting shows will also be unveiled, and on the evening of 28, the lighting show will be brought to a climax. At that time, people will have the opportunity to enjoy a 70 year long scroll of exclusive Guangzhou through the light and shadow.

Take the emancipation memorial statue as the center, take the five buildings of the hon, Wan Yi mansion, Hun, Binbin square, and Henderson Center as the main axis scroll, and adopt the high-definition full dynamic 3D video technology to select the most representative landmark buildings such as Wuyang statue, Zhenhai building, Wan Mu Cao Tang and other cultural images, such as Cantonese opera, lion dance, dragon boat and so on, and create the theme lantern of the ring Plaza. Guang Xiu.

At that time, the public can visit the square and watch many exhibitions that reflect the growth of new China and the course of reform and opening up. The lighting control will be completed by September 28th. Let's take a look at the Haizhu square after the decoration.

Best viewing spots:Haizhu Plaza, Pearl River Night TourWechatIMG177