Characteristics Of Intelligent Lighting

- Jun 30, 2019-

1. The system can control continuous dimming or switching of any loop.

2. Scene control: Multiple different scenes can be set in advance, and fade in and out during scene switching.

3. It can be connected to various sensors to automatically control the light.

4. Mobile sensor: The infrared detection of the human body reaches the control of the light; if the person comes to light, the person goes out of the light (dark).

5. Bright illuminance sensor: For some occasions, the indoor light can be adjusted according to the intensity of outdoor light, such as the constant illumination control of the school classroom.

6. Time control: In some occasions, the brightness can be adjusted with the commute time.

7. Infrared remote control: The handheld infrared remote control can be used to control the light.

8. System networking: Systematic networking, using the above control means for integrated control or networking with building intelligent control systems.

9. The control of the light can be achieved by the sound, light, heat, movement detection of humans and animals.