Intelligent Lighting System Concept

- Jun 15, 2019-

In recent years, with the rapid development and mutual penetration of computer technology, communication technology, control technology, signal detection technology and microelectronic technology, lighting control technology has also made great progress, and has entered a new era of intelligent control. The fundamental purpose of implementing intelligent lighting systems is twofold: one is to improve system control, management level, and reduce system maintenance costs; the second is to save energy and reduce system operating costs.

The intelligent lighting system uses modern technology such as computer technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology, and microelectronic technology to automatically collect various information in the system according to environmental changes, objective requirements, and user's predetermined requirements. Corresponding logic analysis, reasoning and judgment can be performed on the collected information, and the results are stored, displayed, transmitted, and feedback controlled in a specific form to achieve the best actual lighting control effect. The intelligent lighting system automatically controls the electrical lighting to provide a suitable lighting environment and reduce the power consumption and other usage costs of the lighting system. Compared with manual lighting control systems, intelligent lighting systems have many advantages, including creating an atmosphere, improving the working environment, improving work efficiency, good energy saving, extending the life of the light source, and facilitating management and maintenance.