New Products ,with Led Buttons For Console

- Nov 26, 2019-

we offer the new product ,dmx 512 lighting console with the led buttons 



 Technical parameters

DMX512 channels:512


Repatch the address code:support


Opposite output of fixture:SUPPORT

Slide mode of channels:SUPPORT

Max channels:40 channels

Peasonality:built by yourself

Scene save:120

Running in the same time:12

Amount of Multi-scene:120

Time control of scene:fade in、fade out、LTP

Shape generator of each scene:5

Fader control scene and dimmer:SUPPORT

Scene lock :SUPPORT

Point control of scene:SUPPORT

Shape generator:dimmer,P/T RGB, CMY, Color,Gobo,  lris, Focus and so on

Generator running in the same time:12

Master fader:no


wheels control value of channels:SUPPORT

Fader control value of channels:SUPPORT

Fade dimmer:SUPPORT

USB pen driver:SUPPORT  FAT32