Stage Beam Light Function

- Sep 03, 2019-

The computer is moving headlights, mainly because the light source is changing, and the other channels are similar. The beam lamp continues the many channel functions of the previous computer moving head light based on the improved light source. Usually domestic 200W beam lamp, 230W beam lamp, 260W beam lamp, 330W beam lamp, etc. are equipped with color plate (14 colors + white light), pattern plate (17 patterns plus white light), stroboscopic (0-12/20 Times per second), focusing, atomizing, prism (mostly a single octagonal prism, some are triangular prisms, pentaprism, gradient mirror), and other functions are mostly XY axis speed fine adjustment.

Note that it is necessary to point out here that some manufacturers' prisms are equipped with a prism moving function. The original intention of this function is that the beam lamp is a concentrating luminaire, which enhances the beam sensation on the one hand, but affects the fullness of the pattern and绚丽度. Therefore, if equipped with a prism zoom function, the pattern can be opened more, especially for some wedding users, doing hotel indoor performances, 7 meters high, if the pattern hits the ground, they will gather together, without layering and A sense of independence. If only a single beam is used, the viewer will say that the luminaire is too glaring, and the prism magnification will come in handy. The prism magnification effect (adjusting the dispersion) and focusing (adjusting the sharpness) enable the pattern to achieve a clear and beautiful visual impact in a short distance.