Stage Lighting Control Equipment

- Aug 04, 2019-

Market dimmers, mainly analog dimmers and digital dimmers, are characterized by:

1. Analog dimmer: Using analog dimming technology, the output signal is 0-10V one-to-one output. Generally, the analog dimmer is simple in design, has fewer controller paths, and has a poor dimming curve, but the market price is low, and it is easy to learn to master. It is a mainstream product from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s. Commonly there are 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 60, 120, etc. Each power is 8KW, but there are also 2KW, 4KW, etc. The number is a split machine.

2. Digital dimmer: Using single-chip technology, it is DM512 digital signal. The digital dimming station is easy to use (especially large circuit), and its dimming function, backup function, grouping function, dimming curve, etc. are superior to analog dimming stations, and the performance price is reasonable, which is very popular among users. Commonly there are 12 roads, 36 roads, 72 roads, 120 roads, 240 roads, 1000 roads, etc. Each road is mostly 2KW, 4KW, 6KW, 8KW and so on. After understanding the lamp position, lamp characteristics, control equipment and color changer, you can design the correct use plan according to the characteristics of each, the size of the use, the use of lights, and the appropriate conditions.