Stage Lighting Process Requirements

- Aug 14, 2019-

1. The system process design and equipment configuration have the functions of a comprehensive theater, and can rotate a variety of different types of lighting operation schemes in a short time.

2. The system is designed to quickly switch from one lighting solution to another, with a conversion time of 2 hours.

3. This system allows the use of all types of luminaires and other complementary equipment in all configurations.

4. The system is designed with sufficient safety and storage capacity. The entire system performs continuous diagnostic checks on the main console without interrupting the main power supply.

5. The equipment in the system fully meets the technical requirements of the background noise of the stage. Under the empty field state, the noise of all lighting equipments and the interference of external environmental noise are not higher than NR25, and the noise of the 1M effect equipment of the test point is not more than 30dB.

6. The expansion capability of the system is intentionally reserved at the beginning of the system design, such as power silicon control capacity, network capacity, sufficient funds in the future or new technologies, so that the system will not be modified or updated due to insufficient design, saving Funding and the need to adapt quickly to change.