Technical Characteristics Of The Lighting Controller

- Jun 05, 2019-

1. Lighting energy-saving controller, under the microcomputer control program, intelligent power-saving control, automatic bypass protection, manual bypass selection function, can ensure the normal use of equipment after power saving, to ensure the safe operation of lighting equipment.

2. High reliability, the system host uses high-quality magnetic materials to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency ideal operation.

3. Adopt humanized design and easy to operate.

4. No harmonic interference, and can suppress higher harmonics.

5. The power saving rate is high. According to the equipment and electricity consumption, the power saving rate is 10%-40%.

6. With low voltage automatic bypass function, the voltage will automatically enter the power saving state after the voltage returns to normal.

7. With low current automatic bypass function, reducing the system's own consumption.

8. With fault automatic bypass function.

9. With manual bypass function, it can be used in emergency situations.

10. Two starting methods: full pressure starting and low pressure starting (soft starting). Full-voltage starting--all-voltage power supply at start-up for a certain period of time, to ensure that the lamps automatically enter the power-saving operation state after normal use; low-voltage start, to ensure the normal use of the lamps, reduce the starting voltage to reduce the starting current, and extend the life of the lamps. Automatically enters the power saving state after starting. The starting time is adjustable.

11. With voltage regulation function.

12. Communication with the computer can be realized through RS-232 or RS-485 interface. The status, current, voltage, etc. of the product can be queried through the computer, and the product is controlled.

13. Reserve an external control interface to control the power-saving gear by closing and opening the external passive contacts.

14. Short circuit protection function, overheat protection function.

15. With display function, it can display the status, output voltage and current of the device.

16. Increase the power factor, which can increase the power factor of about 5%-10% for most devices and reduce the reactive power loss.

17. Intelligent power-saving control module is installed independently, easy to maintain, high degree of automation, no need for manual monitoring.