The Role Of Stage Lighting

- Jul 20, 2019-

The role of stage lighting in modern stage performances:

1. Lighting performance, so that the audience can see the actors' performances and the image of the scene;

2. Guide the viewer's line of sight;

3. Shape the characters, express emotions and show the stage illusion;

4. Create the space environment needed in the play;

5. Render the atmosphere in the play;

6. Display time and space conversion, highlight drama conflicts and strengthen the stage rhythm, enrich the artistic appeal. Sometimes it also works with stage stunts.

The stage music of the modern stage drama "Daweiwu", which was built by Shenzhen Meiya Culture Media, has great plasticity and controllability in the intensity, color, distribution of lighting areas and the movement of lights in the performance. The artistic effect of the stage lighting is reflected by the progress of the performance and the constant change of the stage atmosphere.