36PCS*10W LED Movehead Stage Light

36PCS*10W LED Movehead Stage Light

Power Supplies: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power: 450VA
Lamp Source: 19 Ostar RGBW LEDs
LED Nominal Wattage: 15W
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Power Supplies: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Input Power: 450VA

Lamp Source: 19 Ostar RGBW LEDs

LED Nominal Wattage: 15W

LED Average Life: 50,000 h

OPTICS: 4°-60° Electronic Zoom Range

Effects Section

Three operating modes: wash, beam, FX (Kaleido effects)

Bi-directional Rotating Front Lens

Digital Wash-Beam Framing effect

Beam edge softening control (in Wash mode)

Pixel Patterning Macros with enhanced control

0-100% linear electronic dimmer

Adjustable speed stop/strobe effect, with instantaneous blackout

Dedicated channel for color temperature setting

White CT Emulation 2500-8000K

RGBW auto-tuning to lamp CT Emulation

Tungsten Lamp Emulation

Slow Strobe: 1 flash /sec; Fast Strobe: 25 flash /sec

Control And Programming

Control channels: 21/ 35/ 78/ 92/ 97CH

DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512

Display: Graphic LCD backlit b/w Display

Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16 bit

Dimmer Resolution: 16 bit

Movement control: vectorial

DMX signal connection: 3 XLR input and output Powercon connection: input and output

Operation Instructions

-The moving head is for wash effect for on-site decoration purpose.

-Don’t turn on the fixture if it’s been through severe temperature difference like after transportation because it might damage the light due to the environment changes. So make sure to operate the fixture until it is in normal temperature.

-This light should be keep away from strong shaking during any transportation or movement.

-Don’t pull up the light by only the head, or it might cause damages to the mechanical parts.

-Don’t expose the fixture in overheat, moisture or environment with too much dust when installing it. And don’t lay any power cables on the floor. Or it might cause electronic shock to the people.

-Make sure the installation place is in good safety condition before installing the fixture.

-Make sure to put the safety chain and check whether the screws are screwed properly when installing the fixture.

-Make sure the lens are in good condition. It’s recommended to replace the units if there are any damages or severe scratch.

-Make sure the fixture is operated by qualified personnel who knows the fixture before using.

-Keep the original packages if any second shipment is needed.

-Don’t try to change the fixtures without any instruction by the manufacturer or the appointed repairing agencies.

-It is not in warranty range if there are any malfunctions from not following the user manual to operate or any illegal operation, like shock short circuit, electronic shock, lamp broke, etc.

Mounting And Installation

Cautions: For added protection mount the fixtures in areas outside walking paths, seating areas, or in areas were the fixture might be reached by unauthorized personnel.
Before mounting the fixture to any surface, make sure that the installation area can hold a minimum point load of 10 times the device’s weight.

Fixture installation must always be secured with a secondary safety attachment, such as an appropriate safety cable.


Never stand directly below the device when mounting, removing, or servicing the fixture from a periodic safety inspection of all installation material and the fixture. If you lack these qualifications, do not attempt the installation yourself. Improper installation can result in bodily injury.

Be sure to complete all rigging and installation procedures before connecting the main power cord to the appropriate wall outlet.

Clamp Mounting: The HAWKEYE II provides a unique mounting bracket assembly that integrates the bottom of the base, the included “Omega Bracket,” and the safety cable rigging point in one unit (see the illustration below). When mounting this fixture to truss be sure to secure an appropriately rated clamp to the included omega bracket using a M10 screw fitted through the center hole of the “omega bracket”. As an added safety measure be sure to attached at least one properly rated safety cable to the fixture using on of the safety cable rigging point integrated in the base assembly.

Regardless of the rigging option you choose for your 19pcs zoom, always be sure to secure your fixture with a safety cable. The fixture provides a built-in rigging point for a safety cable on the hanging bracket as illustrated above. Be sure to only use the designated rigging point for the safety cable and never secure a safety cable to a carrying handle.


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