DJ Disco LED Stage Lighting DMX512 Controller

DJ Disco LED Stage Lighting DMX512 Controller

​Built-in 7”LED screen, 15.6”touch screen, better for brightness and viewing angle.
Core I5 dual core processor, Intel 120G SSD, 4G (DDR3) notebook memory.
12 dmx output, 6144channels.
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To create more benefit for LED Lighting Controller, Midi Lighting Controller, Intelligent Lighting Controller. To revitalize the national manufacturing industry and become an internationally competitive company respected by the society is our unswerving pursuit. 'Customer's requirements are our pursuit' is our basic business tenet.

Built-in 7”LED screen, 15.6”touch screen, better for brightness and viewing angle.

Core I5 dual core processor, Intel 120G SSD, 4G (DDR3) notebook memory.

12 dmx output, 6144channels.

Artnet Support, extend to 64 DMX output.

UPS power protector built-in, Still running for 30min when the power cut down, to make sure the system error and program lost.

Special design for start the controller without power.

Keyboard build-in

10 Marcos buttons, can edit any chase

20 playback fader, A\B partition can be paged for complex performanc

Expert Wing support, extend the preset faders, can running more chases meanwhile

1000 Virtual playback Supported

Shape generator built-in, synchronized the effert

Player time code built-in, can be very convenient to edit the light show

Powerful CMY palette function

Graffiti style handwriting naming function Support

Chinese Menu, also many kinds of Language support

Thousands of Peasonality built-in, library Maker software inside

Visualiser Built-in, Video support

MIDI time code Control

Titan remote Control. Remote trigger Cue will display in the console

TitanNet Sessions on-line function.

The Main Controls

The Workspace windows on the touch screen contain touch buttons for fixtures, palettes, groups, playbacks, macros and more. You can also set fixture attributes and show information windows.

The System display and menu area of the touch screen is the nerve centre of the console and shows you what is going on. This part of the display shows various screens of information depending on what you are currently doing.

The Menu Softkeys (labelled A – G) are used to select control options. The display next to the buttons shows what each one will do. The options for each key change depending on what the console is doing. Softkey commands are shown in the manual with square brackets like this: [Edit Times]

The Preset Playbacks are used to store and play back cues or chases that you need frequently. These playbacks are not changed by the page select buttons, but you can assign macro buttons to change pages (see section 7.1.2 on page 146).

The Macro Buttons store frequently used sequences of keypresses which can be replayed with a single button press. Playbacks can also be stored here.

The Master fader controls the overall output of the console. You will normally have this set at Full. The DBO button allows you to blackout the whole console.

The Playback faders are used to store and play back cues or chases. The Page Select buttons let you change to a different page of playbacks. The touch screen above the faders shows information about each playback.

The Mode switch selects Programming, Run or System modes of operation.

The Control wheels are used to set control values (attributes) for the fixtures, and to set chase speeds and fades. The touch screen above the wheels shows information about the attributes being controlled. Press the Window Scroll Button to switch the wheels into scroll mode – this is used to move a selection box around the screen when editing.

The Numeric keypad and other control buttons are used to enter values and change controls on the console.

The blue Function buttons are used to carry out functions such as storing cues, copying, saving to disk, etc. These buttons have lights on to indicate when they are active.

The Attribute select buttons are used to select which attributes of a fixture (e.g. colour, gobo, pan, focus) are going to be controlled using the Control wheels. The buttons have lights on to show you which attributes are active. The bottom (red) button allows you to locate fixtures, which sets them to a known start position while programming.

The Back Panel

All the connections required for the console are found on the back panel. Most are self-explanatory.

The Panel reset switch may be pressed to restart the front panel electronics if something odd happens with the switches and faders. The main board will continue running but the DMX output will be interrupted until the restart is completed.

The USB reserve socket and switches are for future expansion. The switch should be set to 'Normal operation'.

Whether our DJ Disco LED Stage Lighting DMX512 Controller is standard design or customized according to customers' needs, it is known all over the world for its high performance, high reliability and innovation. With the strategy of 'going out, expanding the market, preempting opportunities and promoting service', we aim to serve global users, and provide stable and efficient solutions for customers with professional team and advanced technical advantages. Only by daring to be the first and constantly innovating can we create a greater successful market and achieve greater market success.
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