HD720p/1080P Turbo PTZ Dome Camera (DS-2AE4223T-A/A30)

HD720p/1080P Turbo PTZ Dome Camera (DS-2AE4223T-A/A30)

​Built-in15.6”touch screen, better for brightness and viewing angle.
Core I5 dual core processor, Intel 128G SSD, 4G (DDR3) notebook memory.
12 dmx output, 6144 channels.
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Built-in15.6”touch screen, better for brightness and viewing angle.

Core I5 dual core processor, Intel 128G SSD, 4G (DDR3) notebook memory.

12 dmx output, 6144 channels.

Artnet Support, extend to 64 DMX output.

UPS power protector built-in, Still running for 30min when the power cut down,to make sure the system error and program lost.

Special design for start the controller without power.

Keyboard build-in

10 Marcos buttons, can edit any chase.

20 playback fader, A\B partition can be paged for complex performanc.

Expert Wing support,extend the preset faders, can running more chases meanwhile.

1000 Virtual playback Supported.

Shape generator built-in, synchronized the effert.

Player time code built-in, can be very convenient to edit the light show.

Powerful CMY palette function.

Graffiti style handwriting naming function Support.

Chinese Menu, also many kinds of Language support.

Thousands of Peasonality built-in,library Maker software inside.

Visualiser Built-in, Video support.

MIDI time code Control.

TitanNet Sessions on-line function.

Quick Start

This section is a quick guide on how to do most things on  the Tiger  Touch. Each section has a link to take you to the appropriate manual section for more details.

Softkeys are shown in square brackets like [This].

Patching Fixtures

Press Patch, [Dimmers] or [Fixtures].

For Fixtures, from the softkeys choose fixture manufacturer (type on keyboard to filter the list) then fixture type, then fixture mode.

Set [DMX Line] and [Address]. Console will automatically set these if you don’t change them.

Press buttons in the Fixtures window to patch the fixture. (Section  3.1.3, p39).

To patch a number of dimmers or fixtures at once, drag over buttons to draw a selection box on the screen. Or, set [Quantity] in the patch menu.

To change DMX address or line, use [Repatch Fixtures]. (Section  3.2,  p42).

View Fixture Patch

To see an overview screen of how the console is patched, press  View then Patch (Section  3.2.1 ,  p42).

Setting Fixture Options

Press Patch, [Edit Fixtures], or use the Patch View screen.

Controlling Fixtures

Select fixtures for control by pressing select buttons.

Press Locate to “home” selected fixtures with lamp on. . (Section  4.1.2. p52). Hold locate and press attribute button to remove that attribute from the locate (e.g. to locate without changing pan/tilt, hold Locate and press Pan/Tilt).

Select attribute to control using attribute bank buttons (right hand edge of console) , then turn the wheels to set fixture. Display shows which attribute each wheel is controlling. (Section  4.1.5, p55).

Open Attribute window onscreen  (View, Attribute Options) to select attributes from buttons. (Section  4.1.6, p56).

Use Palettes to store often-used colours, positions etc. for instant recall, see next page.

Shapes (Effects)

Select fixtures. The order of fixture selection is used by shapes.

At top menu press [Shapes and Effects], [Shape Generator], [Create]. Select attribute of shape then select a shape to run. (Section  6.1.1, p84).

Or from the Shape Library window  (View, [Open Workspace Window], [Shape Library]) you can select a shape directly. Filter the list of shapes using the attribute buttons.

Use the wheels and [Adjust Speed, Size and Phase]/ [Adjust Phase, Spread and Offset] to configure the shape.

Fixture Groups

Fixtures may be grouped for quick selection, press Group, [Record Group], select fixtures for group, set legend using [Provide a legend], press [Store]. Order of fixture selection is remembered for use with shapes.  (Section4.1.12, p62).

The Toolbar

Across the very top of the screen is the toolbar.

If you click/touch on 'Tools', you will get a menu giving you access to some configuration functions (these options may change slightly depending on the console).

About gives you information about the software version.

Help shows you the online manual.

Control Panel opens a sub-menu allowing changes to monitor settings and to the USB expert console which links the front panel controls to the system. The 'More…' option opens Windows Control Panel allowing you to change the operating system configuration.

Touch Screen Setup (in Control Panel) opens the setup utility which allows you to align touch positions on the screen. See next section.

Usb Expert Console (in Control Panel) sets up the connection between the front panel controls and the software. If you are having problems this can be used to troubleshoot.

Folders opens the file explorer. You might need this when backing up show files or when updating the operating software.

Switch Task allows you to show other programs (may be needed when upgrading software) on the touch screen or move them between screens. Touch the Switch Screen icon to swap the program between different screens. Touch the Centre icon to centre the window on the screen. Touch Close to close the program. The appearance of this window varies depending on the console.

Switch Screen Centre Close

Additional Programs allows you to run some diagnostic programs which might help Support find problems you’re having.

Restart and Shutdown Software restarts and closes the Titan software. You would normally only use these when upgrading the software.

The Heads-Up Display (HUD)

The HUD window is shown as one of the workspace windows. Most of the HUD information is now shown in other windows, but if you’re used to using it you might like to have it displayed.

Fixtures are highlighted in dark blue if in the programmer and in light blue if selected.




The console runs Avolites Visualiser internally. This allows you to view the output of the console if you can’t use the real lights, enabling you to make changes to your show at home or in your hotel. It can also be used in Blind mode for programming during a show.

Visualiser is shown in a workspace window, either on the touch screen or on the external monitor. Press [Window Options] then [Move Screen] on the View menu to move it between the touch screen and external monitor.

Configuration controls for Visualiser are found in the context button area to the left of the menu buttons.

The operation of Visualiser is not covered in this manual, please refer to the Visualiser manual.

Auto Patch

The Auto Patch function automatically creates a Visualiser rig from your show as you patch fixtures. When you start Visualiser, it will open with an automatic representation of your patch.

You will see the fixtures laid out on screen, sorted by handle number.

The Visualiser will start in run mode, with the simulator tab selected so you can start controlling lights immediately.

Multiple dimmers patched to one handle will appear as a singe fixture in Visualiser.

Fixture Selection

When a fixture is selected on the console, it is highlighted in blue in Visualiser.

Key Profiles

The console allows you to change the function of the blue select and grey flash panel buttons. You can also change the way some of the touch keys work. You can save your settings as a Key Profile. Different profiles can be selected for different users or to enhance the operation of the console for a particular use. See section  12.2 on page  174 for details.


You can undo and redo up to 20 actions by pressing Avo shift and the Undo or Redo buttons below the numeric keypad (on black Pearl Expert consoles these are the Left arrow (Undo) and Right arrow (Redo) buttons).So for example if you press Clear then wish you hadn’t, the Undo function will restore the console state.

You can use undo/redo on the following actions:

* Fixture selection

* Attribute adjustment (eg Pan, Tilt, colour changes)

* Locate

* Clear

* Keypad input

* Applying Palettes

* Group selection

* Off

* Align

* Flip

2.3.8 Key Macro Buttons

Lighting programming can sometimes require a repeated sequence of button presses. You can record sequences of keypresses and play them back with a single keypress – this is called a macro.

Macros can be stored in the 10 dedicated buttons below the Preset Playbacks, and there is also a Macro button window which can be shown in the workspace. The macro buttons correspond to the first 10 macros in the window.

Macro buttons

To record a macro:

1> Press the Macro button (above keypad)

2> Press [Record]

3> Press an empty Macro button on the panel, or an empty button in the Macro window on the screen. Recording starts. The Insert/Macro button flashes during recording.

4> Press the sequence of buttons you want to record.

5> Press Record Macro to finish recording.

Page 32 – 2. Setting up and using the console

To play back the macro, just press or touch the button where you recorded the macro. The macro will repeat all your button presses (but there is no delay or timing between the presses).

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