High Quality Ma2 Console Grandma2 Lighting Controller with I7 CPU for Stage Lighitng Quipment DMX Controller (EL-MA2)

High Quality Ma2 Console Grandma2 Lighting Controller with I7 CPU for Stage Lighitng Quipment DMX Controller (EL-MA2)

DMX512/ 1990 Standard, 2048 channels
7" colorful touch screen
Both Chinese/ English language
Shape effect preset
R20 format fixture library
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Technology Parameter

DMX512/ 1990 Standard, 2048 channels

7" colorful touch screen

Both Chinese/ English language

Shape effect preset

R20 format fixture library


DMX512/ 1990 standard, up to 2048 DMX channels, optically isolated signal output.

Maximum control 200 computers and 200 road lights dimming, use pearl light library built-in graphics trajectory generator, 235 built-in graphics, user-friendly graphical fixtures trajectory control, such as a circle, spiral, rainbow, chase and other effects. Graphics parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, interval, waves, direction, cycle way, marshalling) can be set independently.

100 个 material, with four modes, more flexible.

150 one playback scenes, scenes for storing multi-step, single-step collection of scenes and scenes. Multi-step scenario can store up to 600 steps.

Backlit LED display, in English.

Off data retention.

U disk backup and upgrade

Professional gooseneck lights for outdoor performances use. (Optional)

Power: AC100-240V/ 50-60Hz

DMX512 channels: 2048

Mating number of fixtures: 200

Fixtures re-connected with the address code: Support

Lamps horizontal and vertical exchange: Support

Lamps channel inverting output: Support

Lamps channel sliding mode switch: Support

Each scanner maximum available control channels: Channel 40 main channel +40 trim

Fixture Library: R20 pearl light library support

The number of scenes that can be saved: 150

The number of scenes that can run simultaneously: 15

The total number of steps in a multi-step scenario: 600

Scene time control: fade in, fade out, LTP sliding

Graphics can be stored for each scene: 5

Fader scenes and dimming: Support

Interlock Scene: Support

Point Control scenarios: support

Graphics Generator: can generate Dimmer, P / T, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris, Focus Graphics

Graphics can be run simultaneously Number: 8

Master Fader: Global total control

Now Black: Support

Dial to adjust the channel values: support

Fader adjust the channel values: support

Fader Dimmer: Support

U disk read: Support FAT32 format


Replay region: from 15 scene button, 15 repeat keys, 15 playback fader, three flip key, a drum, three master fader and a black key composition.


● Roller: Roller responsible for a repeat flip, roll a total of 10, each of which has 15 faders.

● Roller Page: Key for roller flip, a total of three rollers pages combined have 45 repeat pages, each of which has 15 faders, a total of 450 scenes can be stored.

● Replay Fader: Used to perform a scene output on and off. If the current putter stores a scene, which was pushed up from position 0 is output to the scene, and adjust the light output of the scene by the fader control. Each fader can control only one scene at the same time, so this console output up to 15 scenes at the same time.

● Scene/ Chase Buttons: at the scene with the scene of the Edit menu for editing tasks. There are two LEDs on the scene button, the green light indicating that the position is the preservation of the scene, if there is no scene, the indicator does not light, if there is light; red light indicates that the current fader output if there is a scene, if there is the brightness of the red light will vary with the value of the fader.

● Point control : In the initial menu, available in its point of control scene, when we press the scene button, it will output the corresponding scene.

● Black button: When you press the black button when the console output data is 0, then press the recovery after output.

● Master Fader: used to control the output of all console dimming. When the fader is set to 0, the value of the dimmer channel console output is 0. Under normal circumstances this should be pushed to the top of the plunger, if not the top, lamp black keys stop flashing.

● Dimmer Fader: When the console mode dimming mode, this fader controls all lighting fader output level. Under normal circumstances this putter to push to the full.

● Replay fader: Control playback fader output level, under normal circumstances, this should be pushed to the full push rod.


Attribute Area: from 10 attribute keys and a scroll key components.

Each attribute button contains two properties, which are controlled by two properties A and B runner runner. When the console mode property mode, you can pre-fader can control the lamp corresponding attribute is selected. Each lamp up to 40 properties, 40 set this property by light library to write.


● Attribute Button: select the wheel to adjust the selected fixtures attribute, After selected, LED will be lit. Lighting attribute default by the Fixture Library.

● Page buttons: When the LED lamps on the switch key attribute is lit, representing the selected attributes lamps 11-20 property, showing off LED fixtures selected attribute properties 1-10

With the continuous development of our business, the sales range of our High Quality Ma2 Console Grandma2 Lighting Controller with I7 CPU for Stage Lighitng Quipment DMX Controller (EL-MA2) is getting wider and wider, reaching far away all over the world. Our company has launched brand internationalization strategy. Never-ending improvement and striving for 0% deficiency are our two main excellent policies.
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